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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  March 26, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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right now kpishls are looking into a tragedy in wilmington, delaware. four people and a dog were found dead in an apartment building filled with carbon monoxide. they are trying to figure out if the toxic gas is what killed them. >> i was flabbergasted. a little shocked. >> ice falling from the sky. a frozen chunk smashes through a windshield at a car dealership. we'll tell you what police think caused it. and it is a little chilly this morning, but have no fear, we'll warm up at least that's what karen thomas tells us. sun and clouds today and we'll tell you if it will be warm enough to wear those spring-like outfits tomorrow. good morning.
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welcome back. i'm katy zachary. it's just 5:30 on your saturday. let's get a check on your weekend forecast. >> we were a little spoiled over the last couple of days i think with temperatures in thor 60s, even 73 degrees yesterday for a high temperature. our average temperature this time of year for a high would be about 56 degrees. so we have been a little spoiled. it's cooler out there this morning. that's sort of the most significant weather factor i think you'll feel heading out early this morning as we look at the city skyline. it's cool and crisp and mainly clear out there. temperature readings are on the chilly side for sure. 27 degrees in is poconos. 34. look at this. 31 in allentown. 36 in trenton. 28 in mount holly. can't deny the chill that's out in the air right now. 46 in wildwood and not doing too badly in southern delaware, georgetown 47 degrees. we have a wind chill which is interesting. we're in spring. we don't speak of wind chills. a within out of the north.
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this is what it feels like outside. mainly in the 30s but feels like it's 29 in trenton and 28 degrees in pottstown. we'll be warming up just a bit. 58 to 61 for high temperatures across the region. plenty of sunshine on tap. just feeling a little cooler. i'll be back with your easter forecast in just a bit. karen thank you. we continue to follow a developing story. the coast guard is searching for some missing boaters off the shore in atlantic county. three or four people are missing at this hour. their fishing boat capsized yesterday late afternoon about a half mile off the coast. coast guard crews from new jersey, virginia and north carolina are helping in that search. o this moaning investigators are still trying to answer questions after four people were found dead inside an apartment building that had filled with carbon monoxide. nbc 10's drew smith is live for us at the scene where crews had the building blocked off. >> reporter: investigators have confirmed that they detected
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high levels of carbon monoxide inside that apartment complex, the presence of that odorless and deadly gas turned these death investigations in to an urgent evacuation. it was 5:00 last night when police had to kick in the door in a unit in the g building. welfare check found three people plus their dog dead in one unit. officers recognized this had the possibility of being something in the air. that triggered an evacuation of this entire apartment complex an homestead road and relatives were on the scene. they have been trying to get in touch with their loved ones. >> hadn't heard from my brother for two days. we got concerned. >> reporter: there were a lot of emergency responders here. checking people out and also taking them out to the hospital. we know seven people stayed at the hospital including several children. they are in stable condition this morning. we're live in wilmington, i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news.
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well, it is a huge night for villanova men's basketball. the wildcats are ready for their elite match-up with top seeded kansas in the sfienl in the ncaa tournament. nova nation is counting down to tonight's big game in louisville, kentucky. we're just over 15 hours away from tipoff. a countdown is great between the cats and the jayhawks. nova beat miami in the sweet 16 thursday night. the match-up with kansas will be by far the cats toughest game of the season. you'll hear from the players and coaches coming up in sports. also coming up this morning at 6:00 a.m. nbc 10 will talk to a villanova fan whose face you may recognize. yes. she's the fan known on the internet as crying piccolo girl. she tells us about her hopes for this year's team. today a conference focusing on the rights of student athletes wraps up at drexel
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university. whether the ncaa should get an antitrust exemption and they will discuss due process in collegiate sports. it's free for college an high school students. sky force 10 was over two crashes in philadelphia last night. a motorcycle hit a man who was crossing roosevelt boulevard. it happened audiotape round 8:30 last night. the man is now in the hospital listed in critical condition. just a few minutes before that crash, a man was pronounced dead after being hit by a car in southwest philadelphia. sky sky force 10 was over the crash along lindbergh boulevard. the driver did stay on the scene there. authorities are trying to trace how a chunk of ice fell from the sky and smashed a car windshield near harrisburg. customers were looking at cars yesterday when a football size chunk of ice crashed through the windshield of a brand new
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vehicle. >> what? all we saw looked like a bird flying towards our car. >> no one was hurt fortunately because they could have been if they were sitting in that car. investigators believe a plane flying into harrisburg international airport may have dropped the ice. still ahead on "nbc 10 news today," slow go. if you think it's taking longer to stream your favorite shows and movies from netflix, you are right. we'll tell you what netflix admits to doing and why. plus colon cancer is the second leading cancer death in the u.s. still ahead a local woman who caught it early and what she says you can do to safeguard your health.
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it is 5:38. this sculpture might not make you think of spring since its made out of snow but the bunny
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was built just in time for the easter weekend. a couple in minnesota built the snow bunny in their yard this week. there's no snow around here fortunately but i was alarmed when you were talking about wind chills this morning because that timely doesn't happen in spring? >> it typically doesn't happen in spring, no. we're looking at this snow bunny instead of a snowman. it doesn't give the feeling of spring. >> poor people in minnesota. >> bundle up for easter. no. those pictures are very cute but nothing that i would like to see. i'm spoiled by the warm weather that we just experienced over the last three days or so. our high temperature yesterday was 73 degrees. our moaning temperatures were quite comfortable. this morning might be a little chilly out there four with temperature readings in the 20s and 30s and 40s as we look at the city skyline there in philadelphia. 34 degrees in pottstown right now. 31 in allentown. we'll feel like we're making snow bunnies up in the poconos
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at 27 degrees. down along the shore line not doing too badly mainly in the 40s. warmer in georgetown at 47 degrees. we do have a northerly wind. you know, we experienced a nice warm air from the south-southwest over the last couple of days but today our within have shifted and now we have this within out of the north at 13, 15 miles per hour. we factor that in. i'm just giving the readings of what it feels like outside if you are stepping out early this morning. the promise of sunshine. that's at least what mother nature has in store for us. we're hanging on to that. we have high pressure in place. we're looking for mostly sunny skies in place. a mild forecast. 58 to 61 for high temperatures. just feeling a little cooler than what we were spoiled by the last couple of days open i'll be back with your easter forecast and a look at the seven day in a bit. here's a live look at citizens bank park in philadelphia. thousands of runners will aipac
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the area for a 5 kfr rak race. the race is sold out but can you go by and listen to the music and see the philly phanatic. pennsylvania is the birth place of american whiskey. turning now to sports and it's on a lot of people's minds philly showed some confidence in the manager. we'll take you to louisville where john clark is following all the excitement as villanova gears up for tonight's ncaa tournament match with kansas.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. welcome back. it is 5:43 on your saturday morning. could ln rectal cancer is the second leading cause of deaths in the u.s..
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one woman believes she easily could be facing a grim prognosis if not for some convincing from her family. here's the message she wants to share with others. >> reporter: paige turned 50 last year. still feeling young but at the age when getting a colonoscopy is recommended. >> i kept putting it off. i don't want to deal with frep. >> reporter: after some pushing from her family she went to the doctor in december. she will remember that day forever. >> he said there were four polies. it's tucked under. >> reporter: this year roughly 140,000 people in the u.s. will be diagnosed with colon rectal cancer and 56,000 will die from the disease. three of peg's polies were benign. the fourth was more serious. >> the problem would have been fillet it go i would have ended up with cancer. i'm so thankful that i'm sitting
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here saying that it's taken care of. >> reporter: more time to spend with family because of one visit to the doctor that almost didn't happen. >> i don't want to be down that road. to go and have to sit in the bathroom and take some fluids and then be put to sleep to be proactive to do this is nothing compared to what i see my friends go through having to fight cancer. >> reporter: now she hopes others don't wait either. >> you know what? you go for breast exams. you go for prostate exams. add this to your list. >> reporter: add this to the list. march is colon rectal cancer awareness month. screenings are recommended for everyone ages 50 to 75. for more information about the risk factors and where you can get a colon cancer screening head to matt delucia, nbc 10 news. netflix has purposefully been slowing down your video
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speeds. yes that's what was happening. the streaming service tells the "wall street journal" it's been slowing down video transmission on wireless carriers like verizon and at&t for the last five years. netflix says it was trying to protect consumers from using up their wireless data. now the company plans to introduce a data saver feature to let you control how much data you use. septa riders you won't have to pay more for your commute this year. the transportation authority is postponing a fare increase that was said to happen this summer. the reason the debut of the electronic fare card septa key. septa wants riders to focus on the transition to the key this year and not on the fare hike. the water crisis in flint, michigan has put a spotlight on the national lead problem and all next week nbc 10 investigators are veelg lead issues right here in our area. starting monday at 4:00 p.m. investigative reporter shows us who is living with lead. here's a preview.
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>> this is something that's perceived to be just something that happens in really poor neighborhoods and really run down places and it's not. it's all over. >> reporter: in flint we saw lead in the water around here the main concern is paint and dust. we're looking at laws meant to protect kids. >> is the health department effective at enforcing this ordinance? >> i think there are a few things that we can change that need to be changed. >> reporter: we checked on the money mean to get rid lead. >> those funds are raided. rope we uncover local communities and what they are doing. >> do you actively go out and test for lead? >> no we do not. >> reporter: we give tips on how to protect your kids. it's why we're investigating the sources of lead and what's being done to get rid of it. our investigation living with lead begins monday afternoon at 4:00. for the investigators i'm mitch blocker, nbc 10 news.
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good saturday morning i'm meteorologist karen thomas. let's look at your weather and what we can expect this easter holiday weekend sun and clouds today. overall a mild weekend. we're tracking some, actually some stormy weather potentially for monday. so it looks like we get by okay for our easter sunday with some sunshine. for today, 41 degrees. chilly start. wind out of the north at 13. 23 degrees cool they are moaning as we head out than we were this time yesterday morning. we can see that projected in these temperatures right now. here are your currents. 27 degrees in the poconos. just below freezing in allentown. 34 degrees one pottstown. shore line mainly in the 40s. 42 in dover. and bumping up into the mid-40s in southern delaware. about 47 degrees clocking in at georgetown. go ahead and show you where we
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came from. at wednesday. 73. it was 69. close to 70 on thursday and then we were spoiled with 73 degrees for a high temperature yesterday. our current temperature 60 today, 63 tomorrow. mild. not so much warm but mild. we're staying dry today and looks like we'll stay dry for move of our easter sunday for sure. but then we do have a low pressure system out here to the west that has a cold front with it and we do have some moisture down here to the south and pulling moisture from the gulf. we'll keep an eye on that. those systems will be developing and moving in our direction. not today, though. this morning we got clear skies for the most part. not too many clouds to even contend with. looking for mostly sunny skies. we want to get out there and get some easter shopping in. go to a service or a mass this evening for the easter vigil. clouds rolling in for tomorrow morning. so don't be surprised waking up especially for your early morning services tomorrow for the easter holiday. if we do have fog around, we
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have some low level clouds. but then we're looking for sunshine for a good portion of our day before the rain moves in. this is moan early morning 5:00 a.m. because the low pressure system will be bringing that cold front through and so we could anticipate some rain on and off for our moan. dry today, though. mostly sunny. little cooler out there. 58-61 you need a light jacket for sure. say happy easter, look ahead to our forecast tomorrow. 42 early 6:00 a.m. 46 by 9:00 and bumping up to 50 degrees for the noon time hour for your easter sun. everybody will williamsport to put on their easter bonnet i'm sure as we go ahead and look at the seven day forecast foreca. monday stay on the cool thing. tuesday we dry out. still pretty cool with temperatures mainly in the mid-to-upper 50s. wednesday is sort of the transition day. we get a little bit of a warmer push and that sets us up for
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warming towards the end of the week. but more moisture towards the end of the week as well. hi i'm from comcast sports net. tonight we'll find out if villanova earned a spot in the final four. a big obstacle stands in irthey. kansas. the wildcats full of confidence after a big win on thursday. john clark has more from louisville. >> reporter: that was villanova after sweet 16 win. they are not satisfied. they want to realize their dream of playing in the final four. >> if you told me that a while back i would say sign me up. however i can get there to do it or however can do it to get there i'll do whatever. >> coming to villanova i wasn't expected this to be a mediocre team. i expected us to compete for a final four berth every year. this year is something we
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expected. >> reporter: they are playing the best basketball of their careers. they won their first three games by 72 points. their shooting percentage is close to 60%. >> we're rolling with it. i keep telling them you're great shooters. you look great me. >> they are playing as well as anybody that we've gone against in recent memory. the volume of threes they have been shooting makes it more impressive. and everybody is making them. not like you can key on one guy. >> reporter: kansas is the overall number one seed in the tournament and the last four years the overall number one seed they all made to it the final four. in louisville, kentucky, i'm john clark for comcast sports net. >> thank you. should be a good game on tap. to baseball phillies gave the manager a new contract that will keep him here in philadelphia through the 2017 season and a club opening for 2018.
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>> at this point in my career i'm just thrilled that i'm doing it and thrilled i'm doing it for the phillies. i spent a long time here as a player, coach and now as a manager. and it's very grant gtifying. in grapefruit action, franco hit his eighth home run. and they settled for a 4-4 tie. flyers face the coyotes in arizona. they are tied with the red wings for the final playoff spot. both teams have 85 points. but the flyers were looking at teams in front of them in the standings. one of those teams two points back of the islanders. the flyers, for the first wild card spot, they were in tampa bay. lightning scored twice in 23 seconds the flyers get a favor. tampa bay wins.
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that will do it for sports.
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welcome back. few minutes before 6:00 a.m. the manayunk bridge trail is gets light. it may take a couple of years. with the addition of the lights you can bike or walk on the path along the schuylkill river later in the evening. delaware river regional planning commission awarded $600,000 in federal grant money for the project. it may take until 2018 for the working to be complete. just a day before easter runners and walkers will participate in a race at the philadelphia zoo today. the philly rabbit run raises awareness for parkinson's disease. money raised from the 5k goes towards parkinson's research. also today for the first time in our area, drones will drop easter eggs for kids to find in cherry hill and
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philadelphia. it starts at 10:30 this morning at joys kilmer elementary and then at noon at waterview recreation center. you might think halloween is the biggest holiday for candy. that's not the case. it's easter. most lieu extra tariff week of the year for candy retailers. in the week before easter americans bought $823 million worth of cream filled eggs, chocolate rabbits and peeks. that is 146 million pounds of candy. just in time for easter k-mart has teamed up with the makers of peeps. they can create their own virtual peeps box adding their friends faces or their own. peeps are made in our area. it's headquartered in bethlehem.
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this morning officials are looking into a tragedy in delaware. four people are found dead in an apartmenting filled with carbon monoxide. >> reporter: this affects a lot of people out here. they were forced to evacuate. we're going to hear about the urgency of that operation plus why police are returning here today. checking our forecast, a chilly start this morning but we do expect sunshine. what about your easter holiday? we want to know what's in store. i'll be back with your full forecast after the break.
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tragedy in wilmington after four people and dog are found dead inside an apartment building. this morning are looking into carbon monoxide as a possible cause. and a one-two match-up in the ncaa tournament has red hot villanova read to take on top seeded kansas. we'll have a preview of the elite excitement. and taking a live look outside this the boat house row. we're looking at a mild weekend despite ch


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